spend a little more even when money is tight!


the other day i stopped by the dollar store to grab a few items and couldn't help but overhear 2 ladies having a conversation about "how expensive cards are" and now they buy all theirs at the dollar store (2 for $1!)

now i understand money is tight for most of us these days and it bothers me when people pay $4 or more (!?!?!) at big box store for *mass produced* cards that a million other people get.  that got me thinking...

why buy handmade and pay a little more?

i found a blog post asking readers the same question and here's my favorites:

Buy handmade because: 

-  are getting something that is made with love by someone who loves what they do
-  are giving the handmade artist a huge compliment and actually saying "I love what you are doing" which in turn keeps the artist "doing " it.
- are telling the gift recipient that you cared enough about them to buy something as individual as they are

Stacy Altiery
InkSpot Workshop

- You can be proud knowing that your supporting small businesses. 
- It's great for the economy
- You don't have to say that you bought it at Ikea.

Avril Loreti

- To support the idea that something made from hand from a fellow human is a little more precious than the something which is not.

Susan Schwake

want to read some more?  read this link

thank you for reading!


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