“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” Lesson #1

I was cleaning out my garage / office space and found a book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson so I flipped through it to decide if it was to go in the “Keep” or “Donate” box.  I ended up sitting down and reading it :)  I thought it would be nice to share a lesson once a week with my readers.  So, here is the first lesson! 

Lower your tolerance to stress

It’s funny how we all, OK.. most of us, have it backwards.  We should be lowering our tolerance to stress rather than raising it! 

People always seem to say “I’ve been working very hard” or “I’m really stressed out!!!”

We seem to see a “very high tolerance to stress” as a good thing.  Stress management classes seem to focus on ways to raise our tolerance to stress. 

Our current level of stress = our tolerance to stress

Do you notice that the people who seem to say “Oh, I can handle a lot of stress!” are the ones who seem to always be under a great deal of it. 

If we all lowered the level, we would be more effective and allow us to enjoy life more (*and* to be more fun around!)

I had 4 orders I wanted to mail out the first thing in the morning so I was in a bit of a hurry (read: stressed).  My daughter Amelia, who is 2 years old, was “bugging” me by wanting me to play with her while we were outside.  I figured I could sit outside and do some work while watching her.  Every time she would try and pry me out of my seat, my heart grew heavy every time I said “Mommy needs to work.”  After a few attempts, I looked into her eyes and couldn’t help but smile and then laugh.  At that instant I felt better so I dropped everything and got out of the chair.  After half an hour I was much happier and this gave us a priceless bonding time.

And… I was more productive when I got back to work! 

Isn’t it funny how a carefree 2 year old made me realize I needed to stop and play.  It’s the kids that teach us more rather than the other way around. 

So... remember to not stress the small stuff and de-stress often!

Genevieve  xxx

Spoiling Myself!

I belong to a terrific and warm group of women, actually TWO of them, and I consider myself such a LUCKY DUCK!  Sassy Sisters In Sales *and* Unique Women In Business (both are ETSY Street Teams)

These teams have only 1 requirement to maintain your membership, make one purchase from any one of the shops per month.  What an ordeal!  There are too many talented women creating gorgeous pieces!  I had such a hard time choosing so I decided "What the heck!?"  so I spoiled myself and did a mini shopping spree!  Here's what I got:

I was *so* excited to receive my Whipped Body Frosting that I ripped the package open when it arrived and lathered my frosting on.  My goodness... how divine.  So thick and creamy... and the bonus is: a little goes a long way!  I usually take a while to get myself into the shower in the mornings but now I can't wait to shower so I can lather my whipped body frosting on after! 
Spoil yourself and Visit Sapeterapi's Shop

I got myself 2 sets of earrings from 2 different shops:  Momma Goddess and JMJ Creations

Trudy of Momma Goddess has incredible talent and makes fabulous Vine Earrings so I asked her to make me a pair with Jet Black Swarovski crystals.  They are such fun to wear!  It's out of the ordinary and goes with everything in my closet.  She crafts them in other colors as well... Visit her shop and browse her other gorgeous items! 

Karen created this darling Blossoms n Butterflies earring set and listed it that same day... and I bought it within minutes of her listing it.  I had to grab it before anyone else did!  The picture is gorgeous but it doesn't do this earring set any justice.  So fun to wear and so eye-catching with the sparking cherry blossoms and butterfly.  Stop by her shop and check out her other wonderful works of art.

Great items aren't they?  Go ahead and spoil yourself :)

Genevieve xxx


Your weekend?

I have created a Facebook Page for my business and would *love* it if you could become a "fan".  If you have a page, I would love to follow you as well :)  Leave me a comment with the link to your page and I will surely "fan" it!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I came back from my mini-scrapbook-retreat in Palm Springs at a time share place.  So relaxing and fun!  Friday I had a wonderful day at the Wild Animal Park with the Hubby and my 2 little girls (2 month old and 2 year old).  Tonight I had my dad and sister over for dinner.  I am not sure what the plans are for tomorrow... but some of the best days are the days without plans :)  I would love to hear what you have done this past few days... do share!

Genevieve :)  xxx