need a shot of flair?

feel like your fete is missing a little flair? 

the small things are what often goes overlooked and without them your fete doesn't have that polished and pulled together look. don't fret!  here are some suggestions 

invitations- oh the most important item to not overlook,  without this you would end up without any guests.  no fun. the invitation is the perfect time to introduce your theme. 

garland- if you have a custom one done, by all means go for the saying and look you want. here's a suggestion: go for a saying you can leave up long after the gathering has ended. for a baby shower instead of the typical "it's a girl!" go for "baby madison" so the parents can hang it in the nursery. it doubles as a decoration and then as a gift!  what a bargain!  

cupcake toppers- naked cupcakes?  no thank you!  have custom ones done to go with the theme

cupcake wrappers- why stick with the ugly ones you bake your cupcakes in?  add a festive wrapper around the cupcakes that go with your theme. or even go for the eco friendly ones you can use over and over. 

favors and bags- thank your guests for coming. don't feel like you need to spend a fortune on this. after all you asked them to come and have fun rather than for something that's such a drudgery.  try to aim for the eco friendly fabric ones your guests will love to reuse!

pom poms to add a big s.p.l.a.s.h. of color!  and... leave them up after the fete for a decor impact.

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