fun hotels!

"honey, lets go.  pack your bags for an overnight stay in an underwater aquarium"

oh my!  i'd *love* for my husband to say that.

here are some fun and unusual hotels of the world i stumbled upon.  online.  :)  makes me wish i was a jumper!  

this would be the floating utter inn on a swedish lake near stockholm.  when you arrive you are taken a little more than half a mile out to your hotel and left with an inflatable boat and instructions.  you also have the choice to use the inflatable canoe to explore the closest uninhabited islands.  swim there if you have the courage to.  fall asleep to the fishes watching *you* (as opposed to the other way around)

...and this is your deck.  your room, you ask?  oh its down below

embrace your inner troll and stay a night, or a few, in this rustic treehouse.  with no straight walls you'd have to expect an unusual shaped bed.  flooring is constructed from mesh grill so you can check out what's below.  such fun!

who says treehouses are just for the lil uns?

escape to your very own survival pod in the hague.  it was first created as an art project 7 years ago but became popular enough to build 8 different ones in central amsterdam and nantes, france.  different packages are available but the basic one should be tried for its kitsch factor.  the basic survival package includes a sleeping bag and emergency rations 

um ok.  could be fun!

time to get my passport stamped!

want to see more?  visit the site

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