isn't double duty the best!?

i love it when i see something being used for something other than its purpose!

wine glasses turned candle pillar with shades- cheap and classy.  as easy as 1, 2, & 3.  1: drop a votive candle in the wine glass  2: place the shade on.  voila!

drinking straw as stem stabilizer:  firm up the soft stems of tulips or daffodils by inserting each stem into a wide straw before placing in a vase.  rinse and reuse straws for the same purpose!

don't lose toss your marbles!  add them to the bottom of a vase to keep your daisies put and it even makes arranging a snap!

fridge magnets-  who says they need to be tacky?  tired of the advertising ones?  instead use seldom worn or broken brooches, remove the pins (with a wire cutter) and glue a magnet to the back.

baby food jars-  how many times have you seen a scuff on the wall and wanted to touch it up but didn't want to make a trip to the garage to dig up the paint bucket and materials?  too much of a hassle for me!  simplify your paint touch-ups by pouring a few oz of paint in a glass jar.  when you need just a dab, grab a jar!

garden hose holder-  you know that big ugly mess of christmas lights in your garage?  that conjures up images of that scene with Clark griswold and his son... you know where he shoves him the big freaking ball of string lights and asks him to unravel it?  use a garden hose holder and just string them up!

no need to curse-  use a clothespin to hold the nail for you instead of your two fingers!

have a lovely day!


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