sleep issues??

regular exercise- pretty much anything to quicken your breath for 30 to 40 minutes at least 4 times a week improves your sleep quality.  you can always split it up into two 20-minute sessions but don't do a session in the evening since the simulation coming from a workout can just cancel the benefit.

a self portrait

elvis says it needs bananas

combine your carbs and proteins-  carbs help your brain use trypotphan (amino acid causing sleepiness) and proteins help build that acid.  a light bedtime snack of peanut butter on toast or low fat cheese and crackers provide just that!

a splash.. or 2.. of vodka would help!

drink cherry juice-  such a yummy fruit drink is rich in melatonin (helps your body regulate the sleep/wake cycle)

what would mr. miyagi say?

try tai chi:  meditative version of martial art helps you have longer and deeper sleep.  

make a schedule!:  hit the hay and get up at the same time daily.  go easy on yourself on the weekends tho! :)

chill out-  a cool bedroom lowers your core body temperature (initiates sleepiness).  start at 65 degrees and adjust if needed  

who wears this much makeup in the bath anyway?
soak yourself:  a warm bath doesn't just help you relax and forget your day's troubles.  it also raises your internal temperature which allows you to fall asleep easier, and into a deeper sleep.

check your meds:  lots of over the counter pills interfere with your sleep by keeping you up or contributing to sleep apnea.  do your research.

use some lavender:  drop a few drops of essential oils on a cloth and slip it under a pillow.  this can help you experience sounder sleep.  you can always use a diffuser or iron pillowcases with scented water.

turn off the lights-  turn off tv and computer, turn alarm clocks away from you... no glow

looks familiar.

don't be tempted to veg out-  when you're tired you may have the urge to veg out and this can cause sleep loss.  stay busy throughout the day and you will find yourself sleeping more soundly.

20 minute limit?  oh, each book!  :)

when you wake in the night go ahead and read.  choose something boring and take it to another room and limit it to 20 or 30 minutes.

no.. both are for me.

no caffeine after 2 pm.  resist the cup of joe in the afternoon to get you out of the afternoon slump.  go for a walk instead.

just purrrrr-fect!

use an eye mask-  when you cover your eyes, you close them sooner! 

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