Hello Guys!

Well, well.. hello there!

I decided to jump on the Blogging bandwagon... so here I am!  Hope you guys will enjoy reading my blogs as much as I do yours  :)

Every once in a while I will be posting new items from my shop and giving updates on my current projects.  One thing about me that drives me NUTS is: I can *never* seem to work on just *one* thing at a time.  I have maybe a minimum of 10 work-in-progresses!  When I am happily surrounded by my big mess in my office, working away, my brain cooks up even more ideas.  I drop what I am doing at the moment and start on that new idea in fear I would forget about it all!

I think it's time to start a list... a long list... and jot down these lightbulbs instead of starting on them!  This way I can actually finish something and list it in my shop :)

These days I am designing and crafting an array of cards for the upcoming events/holidays.  Aside from that, my BIG project is coming along pretty quickly, quicker than I thought!  (Which is good since Baby #2 is on the way.  I'm at 36 weeks now!  Very exciting!)  I've found a such talented artist off Etsy to bring my storybook characters to life.  My original plan was to make a toddler's book but of course that wasn't enough for me!  Tsk tsk.  I decided to have the adorable characters be put on my line of baby cards and announcements.  That should be coming by the beginning of the summer... 

I'm off to the office now and cover myself in glue, paper snippets and glitter til my eyes are too tired to stay open ;)

Thanks for reading and hope your day was an excellent one!



  1. Congratulations on your new blog!


  2. Your blog looks great! I gave in to blogging too. I can be a lot of fun. Next thing you know you will be tweeting and Face booking.

  3. Oh, I can sympathize on the many started, but unfinished projects.
    I'm a scatterbrain extraordinaire!
    Your blog does look great, and
    I'm looking forward to your future postings.

    Here's my feeble blog...

    All the best to you, Genevieve. :)
    Linda :)

  4. Congrats on the new blog and expecting baby #2~how exciting!

  5. Oh my you sound like me! I have so many projects going at once. I finally decided to only allow 4 projects going at one time. I found that I wasn't finishing certain projects and they just fell to the side.
    Congratulations on baby #2! You're almost there! I'm currently cooking my first two as well. I'm only 27 weeks but carrying two...I look full term. lol
    If you'd like to follow my blog:


  6. Love your blog! You've done a great job especially with it being new to you! Love the border and layout. We are fairly new to blogging also. Would love to have you follow our blog at

    Ruth and Marilyn
    Two Artisan Sisters